Pet Boarding

Pet Boarding in North Miami Beach Provides Safe, Convenient Option for Your Pets

Our North Miami Beach animal clinic is not only your partner for veterinary wellness care, but also your pet’s home away from home. Whether you are traveling on a short work trip or a long vacation, our dog and cat boarding services ensure that your pet will be safe, happy and well cared for while you are away.

Dog and Cat Boarding at Our North Miami Beach Animal Clinic

Our veterinary care team understands that travel with pets is not always safe or practical. However, leaving a pet home alone may also not be the safest solution. Even if a neighbor can check in on your pet, leaving your pet alone for extended periods increases the risk for accidental poisonings, health emergencies, and emotional distress.

Even the most independent pets are used to the reassuring presence of another human. When you suddenly “disappear” for an extended period, this absence can be very confusing. Some pets act out their frustration by damaging furniture or trying to escape. Without supervision, everything from houseplants to forgotten chocolate candy can pose a health risk. Sadly, should your pet suffer a health emergency, it could be hours or even a day before your pet receives emergency care. For many cats and dogs, this care can be too little, too late.

Whether it’s just for one night or an extended vacation, pets are happier, safer, and healthier when boarded at an animal clinic. With pet boarding, our veterinary staff is just steps away should a health emergency arise. Since we already have your pet’s records on file and are familiar with your pet’s medical history, we can quickly make critical care decisions. Most importantly, our boarding staff is already familiar with your pet’s temperament and unique needs. Whether your pet requires medical care or a specialized diet, we are ready to meet these needs.

In order to ensure the safety of every pet, our pet boarding facilities follow strict safety protocols. All pets must be up to date on core vaccinations prior to their acceptance at our boarding center. Pets must also submit proof of a negative fecal sample and be on a regular heartworm prevention and flea/tick prevention medication. These standards help to keep every pet that stays with us healthy.

As a full-service animal clinic, we also offer basic wellness exams and vaccination boosters for pets during their boarding visit. These wellness care services help reduce the number of visits you make to our animal clinic while ensuring that your pet is healthy.

We consider every pet that visits our North Miami Beach pet boarding kennels to be an extension of our family. You can enjoy your travels knowing that your pet is receiving the best possible care!