North Miami Beach Veterinarian Brings Lifelong Experience and Passion for Animals to Veterinary Practice

Growing up on a farm caring for a wide array of animals helped make our veterinarian Dr. Albert F. Williams III who he is today: a caring, compassionate vet who has a lifetime of experience with animals. As the leader of our compassionate and knowledgeable staff, Dr. Williams’ influence is felt throughout our animal hospital making Arch Creek Animal Clinic what it is today.

Despite our modern facilities and advanced equipment, Dr. Williams brought one more aspect of rural life to North Miami Beach: a friendly, small-town feel. It does not matter how state-of-the-art our animal clinic is or how vast our client base, each person and pet who walks in our door is treated with a hearty welcome and individualized attention. The life’s work – and passion – of our veterinarian and staff is caring for pets.

Puppy and Kitten Care to Pet Senior Care for Cats and Dogs, We Offer Services for Every Life Stage

Our care extends to every stage of the pet’s life, from young ferret, puppy and kitten care to pet senior care. Our puppy and kitten care ensures pets receive the preventative measures they need at a young age while our wellness care ensures they remain as healthy as possible throughout their lives.

Dr. Williams knew he wanted to be a vet since age 3 when he learned the profession existed during a first-time visit to the vet with his puppy, Skeeter. He graduated from the University of Florida in 1992 with a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine and then spent the next 11 years pursing his passion working for Knowles Animal Clinic.

With a lifetime of animal bonding and more than a decade of experience practicing veterinary medicine, Dr. Williams bought Arch Creek Animal Clinic in 2003. He brought to the practice his interest and experience with animal wellness and preventative care, pet soft tissue surgery, pet orthopedic surgery, and internal medicine. Our facility’s surgical suite has state-of-the-art equipment to handle emergency and routine pet soft tissue surgery and pet orthopedic surgery while our lab contains advanced diagnostics to pinpoint specific issues and problems so we can devise the most effective treatment plan.

Whether you are seeking puppy and kitten care, wellness care for cats and dogs or ferrets, or standard medical and surgical procedures, you will find it at our North Miami Beach animal hospital. We are located at 15090 Biscayne Blvd in Miami Beach, easily accessible from Aventura, Miami Shores, and Sunny Isles. For more information, to make an appointment, or alert us of an incoming emergency, please call (786) 574-6528.