Allergy Season: It Can Affect Your Pets, Too!

If you have spent any amount of time sneezing, coughing or itching due to your own allergies, then you know exactly how your pet feels when he encounters the wrong food, environmental pollutant or other common allergen. Cats and dogs are just as prone to these immune system reactions as humans — but our team at Arch Creek Animal Clinic knows how to help.

Some allergens are predictably and annoyingly seasonal, while others cause isolated, unanticipated problems. Airborne pollen can easily settle on the skin, up the nose or in the ears, and if your pet happens to be allergic to that particular strain, you may notice such symptoms as compulsive scratching, redness, and discharge from the ears or nose.

Extreme skin reactions may include hair loss, especially if the animal keeps biting, chewing or scratching at the irritated area. These behaviors are unhealthy because they can break the skin, allowing bacteria to cause serious infections. Other environmental stimuli may include industrial fumes, tobacco smoke, chemicals in water, insecticides or even perfumes. Your pet may also be allergic to certain plants or even fleas.

Food allergies can be tough to recognize because the symptoms often duplicate those of external irritants. Animals can have allergic responses to certain types of meat or other protein, or to one of the grains used as filler or as a fiber source in commercial pet food. They may also be allergic to preservatives or other chemical additives. An extreme allergic response to an ingested substance can cause a serious health crisis that requires emergency treatment.

Our Veterinarian Can Diagnose and Treat Allergies

Bring your allergic pet to Arch Creek Animal Clinic. Our veterinarian, Dr. Williams, can test for known allergens and isolate the substances or substances that bother your furry friend. We can then prescribe treatments, ranging from antihistamines and dietary changes to desensitizing injections and flea prevention, to help your North Miami Beach pet enjoy life again.

Does your pet display signs of an allergic reaction? What are his symptoms?

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