Arch Creek Animal Clinic’s Advice on Keeping Your Pets Cool this Summer

Imagine what it would feel like to walk around in a fur coat all day during a hot Florida summer. Arch Creek Animal Clinic in Miami advises pet owners to take certain precautions to help make their beloved pets feel cooler and more comfortable during the hot Miami summer months. To ensure a healthier and happier pet this summer, one can follow these common sense tips to keep their furry friends cool:

Adjust walking routines to cooler times of the day

Proper pet care involves exercising one’s pets. Taking walks early in the morning before the day’s heat has set in, or in the early evening just after sunset can help your animals’ stay cooler during those Florida heat waves. Pets walk close to the ground and can easily absorb more heat than humans do, so it is also important to be mindful of hot pavement. If there is a grassy area where they can walk, try to walk pets there, because their foot pads can be sensitive and sustain burns from the hot sidewalk or street.

To Assure Pet Wellness, Never Leave Your Pet in the Car

The temperature inside a closed car can rise at extremely fast rates. Never leave an animal inside a car in summer, even for a few minutes. If you must travel with your pet in a car, remove the pet and secure it in a shady area if you are unable to take it inside a building with you.

Proper Pet Care Includes Fresh, Clean Water

It is especially important during the summer months to change your pets’ water frequently and to keep a fresh, clean supply available at all times. The water should not be left out in the sun as it will heat up to a temperature that the dog will be reluctant to drink. A fresh supply of cool water will help keep your pet nice and cool.

What other tips can you think of that can help your pet stay nice and cool this summer?

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