Pet Vaccinations Important for Every Stage of Your Pet’s Life

From puppy and kitten care to senior wellness care, pet vaccinations are important for every stage of your pet’s life. Pet vaccinations protect against deadly illnesses, including rabies, parvo and distemper.

North Beach Miami Veterinarian Answers Your Questions About Puppy and Kitten Vaccines

Whether you have just adopted a new puppy or kitten or are caring for an older pet, our North Miami Beach veterinarian understands that you may have questions about the type and frequency of vaccinations necessary for your pet. Below, the veterinary care team at our North Miami Beach animal clinic has answered four of your most frequently asked questions:

When should puppy and kitten vaccinations begin?

We recommend vaccinating puppies and kittens shortly after they are weaned; puppies and kittens usually receive the first shot series at 8 to 10 weeks. These shots will be re-administered every 3-4 weeks until your puppy or kitten reaches 20 weeks of age and the immune system is mature.

Are vaccinations safe?

Absolutely! While there is a small risk of allergic reaction, the risk for illness and even death from a preventable disease is much greater. We strongly recommend that all pets receive the core vaccination series and booster shots every one to three years, as necessary. Our veterinarian works closely with each pet owner to create a vaccination protocol series that meets each pet’s unique wellness needs.

Why are booster shots necessary?

Pet vaccinations, just like human vaccines, do not last forever. Over time, disease protection will diminish. Regular booster shots are the best way to keep your pet up to date and protected against rabies, parvo, distemper and other highly contagious illnesses.

My cat stays inside; are boosters still important?

Boosters are important for all pets, including indoor cats. Every year, there are sad cases of cats being bitten by rabid animals that entered a home through the attic. Sadly, many of these cases result in the cat’s untimely death. Vaccination boosters are the best way to keep all your pets protected.

When was the last time that your pet visited our animal clinic for pet vaccinations?

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