North Miami Beach Animal Clinic Starts with Puppy and Kitten Care

Routine veterinary puppy and kitten care is important when you bring home a new pet. There are pet vaccinations to think of, parasites to check for and spaying or neutering to plan. All of the health needs of your new pet can seem overwhelming – especially if you’ve never been responsible for a dog or cat before.

At our North Miami Beach animal clinic, we take the guess work out of puppy and kitten care. We recommend you see a veterinarian at our office within just a few weeks of your new puppy or kitten’s birth. At that time, we will provide a full examination – checking for intestinal parasites and giving your new pet its first round of pet vaccinations. We will then schedule a follow-up visit for booster vaccinations and give you an idea of when you can spay or neuter your pet. Our veterinarian will discuss the proper care for your pet based on breed and health conditions, and will be happy to answer any questions you have.

North Miami Beach Veterinarian Treats All Aspects of Pet Care for Cats and Dogs

In addition to puppy and kitten care, our animal clinic also offers other veterinary services for pets of all ages. Pet dental, for example, is often overlooked despite its importance to your pet’s overall health. In fact, pet dental problems are known to cause oral disease in a majority of dogs at some point in their lives, though many owners dismiss the symptoms of oral diseases as bad breath or age-related deterioration. Our office can both identify and treat diseases that affect the mouth, and we will also teach you how to identify and prevent dental problems in your pet at home.

We also provide pet orthopedic surgery in our offices. Just like humans, your pet can develop orthopedic conditions, such as broken bones, torn ligaments and joint injuries. Our veterinarian is qualified to perform pet orthopedic surgery, whether that includes resetting a broken bone or strategically placing pins in the skeletal system to improve movement and support.

We also offer pet senior care for aging pets with special needs. The American Animal Hospital Association recommends that senior pets visit a veterinary clinic for a check-up once every six months rather than once per year. The senior years are different for every pet depending on age, species and breed. Cats live longer than dogs on average, and smaller dogs breeds live longer than larger dog breeds on average. This means that your pet could be classified as a senior as young as five or as old as thirteen. Our clinic can give you more insight into pet senior care and conduct regular lab work to check for chemical imbalances, blood cell counts and other components that could signal a developing or existing health problem.

If you and your pet are in the greater North Miami Beach area, come visit us soon. We are open six days a week and have a technician available seven days a week. We cannot wait to meet your pet!

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today at (305) 945-1223.