Arch Creek Animal Clinic’s North Miami Beach pet emergency team is ready to help your pet with any emergencies during our office hours. If your pet is struggling to breathe, is in a lot of pain or has any other alarming symptoms, call us right away at (786) 574-6528. We will give you first aid advice and prepare for your pet’s arrival.

Our Veterinary Team Is Prepared for Dog and Cat Emergency Care

Our veterinarian Dr. Albert F. Williams, III urges pet owners to prevent pet emergencies with some of the following advice: Keep all pets cool and hydrated on hot days (remember; they wear fur coats, so what seems comfortable to you may feel like an oven to your pet). Keep your pets’ vaccination schedules current, secure trash can lids and avoid feeding your pets any human foods (no grapes, raisins, chocolate, bread dough, avocados, onions, garlic, etc.). Also keep sharp or small objects, medications of any kind, poisonous plants, automotive fluids and electrical cords out of reach. Make sure your pet stays leashed when out and about, keep them in a secure, fenced yard and never leave them alone in a car.

In the event that your pet shows these or any other frightening symptoms, initiate first aid and call us for your North Miami Beach pet emergency immediately at (786) 574-6528. Signs to look for regarding an pet urgent matter may include:

Unconscious or Unresponsive

Check if your pet has a pulse and is breathing. If not, call us right away for pet CPR instructions. If your pet has a fever, use cool (not cold) wet towels to help with cooling, and come in for dog and cat emergency care right away.


Press firmly down on the bleeding area with a wad of sterile gauze or clean towels, but do not remove them until you arrive here so as not to break any clotting. If you suspect broken bones, be careful transporting your pet and come in quickly.

Breathing Difficulties

Gently pull your cat or dog’s tongue out to check for foreign objects stuck in the throat and remove them carefully. If you cannot see anything, there may be an allergic reaction or other problem, so bring your pet in for dog and cat emergency care immediately.

Digestive Issues

Vomiting or diarrhea can indicate poisoning or serious illnesses that require immediate care. If you notice that your pet’s abdomen is bloated, tight and painful, this is a medical emergency that may require surgery to save your pet’s life.


Stay calm and clear any unsafe or hard objects away from your pet (away from stairs, furniture, electrical cords, sharp objects, etc.) Do not put anything in his or her mouth! Keep your voice low, calm and steady and do not panic, as this can make things worse for your pet. Once the seizure is over, come in for help.

Whenever you feel something is wrong with your pet, please do not hesitate to contact us at (786) 574-6528.