North Miami Beach Veterinarian’s Laboratory Services for Cats and Dogs

Here at Arch Creek Animal Clinic, we are proud to provide the cats and dogs we serve with the convenience of an in-house laboratory. Our ability to do blood work and numerous other tests right here on-site enables us to run routine wellness tests as well as emergency testing—all without having to wait hours for the results to travel back to us from some other location. This buys us precious time during an urgent situation, and gives us more in-depth information to work with during surgery or even during a regular wellness checkup. This empowers you and our North Miami Beach veterinarianwith the results you need to make the best healthcare decisions for your best friend.

Laboratory Services at Arch Creek Animal Clinic in North Miami Beach

Our on-site pet laboratory enables us to run all of the standard veterinary blood, urine, fecal and other tests, as well as many non-standard tests. These tests are important diagnostic tools used by our North Miami Beach veterinarian and our animal clinic team as we work with your pet. Although there is not enough space to list all of the tests we do here, we will explain some of the more common ones that we perform on a daily basis:

Animal Blood Work—We run blood tests in our laboratory for pets every day for a number of reasons. We do a standard Complete Blood Count (CBC) during each annual wellness checkup and before any surgery where a pet has to go under anesthesia. This enables us to evaluate your pet’s blood chemistry down to a minute level of detail so that we can catch any diseases or imbalances before they get out of hand, or to simply confirm that your pet is doing well.

T4 Tests—We use T4 tests to screen a pet’s thyroid function. We can use them when we suspect there is a thyroid problem, or to monitor pets that we know already have a thyroid disease so that we can stay ahead of the situation and treat the pet in the most helpful way possible

Parasite Testing—This is an important aspect of testing our North Miami Beach veterinarian uses at every wellness checkup, and in between if we suspect there is a problem. Regular testing for heartworm is particularly important here in South Florida, as are tests for common flea and tick-borne illnesses endemic to our region. The quicker we can pinpoint parasite problems in your pet, the quicker we can administer necessary treatment to help him or her recover or to minimize the damage. Be sure to keep your pets on their regular doses of flea and tick preventative applications and also their heartworm medications! This is an easy way to avoid suffering!

We run these and other tests in-house to provide excellent care for your pets! To ask about the tests our North Miami Beach veterinarian uses contact at (786) 574-6528!