North Miami Beach Veterinarian Performs Pet Orthopedic Surgery

Pet orthopedic surgery is used to correct bone and joint issues for your cats and dogs. Our North Miami Beach veterinarian will use pet orthopedic surgery techniques to correct problems such as broken bones, joint disorders or deterioration, hip and back trauma, etc. Our animal clinic is fully equipped to perform orthopedic surgery and procedures on your cats and dogs.

Prior to surgery Dr. Williams will run diagnostic blood work and lab tests to ensure your animal is healthy enough to endure the pet orthopedic surgeryand to rule out any underlying conditions. We will also perform an imaging (X-ray) examination to pinpoint the problem area and determine the best method of treatment. Pain medication may be administered before pre-op tests to keep your cats and dogs calm while we are determining the proper treatment program.

Before beginning surgery we will utilize a multi-modal anesthetic protocol which has been proven safe and successful for pet orthopedic procedures. A veterinary technician will be assigned to your pet during and after surgery to make sure their vital signs are normal and they come out of the anesthesia without problems. Our technician can also assist them with pain management as needed. Once your animal has recovered enough to be released we will give you post-surgery instructions so that you can continue their care at home.

Pet Senior Care Programs at Our North Miami Beach Animal Clinic

Fracture repair is one of the most common pet orthopedic conditions treated in our animal clinic. Sudden limping, swelling and pain may indicate a bone fracture, torn ligament or joint injury in cats and dogs. Since animals cannot communicate the same way that humans do it is important for you to be observant of your pet’s behavior. Simple fractures can be set or splinted, but more complex fractures require corrective surgery to fix properly.

Pet orthopedic surgery for fractures is tailored for your pet’s specific injury. Some general repair methods include plate and screw fixation which are typically used on pelvis and long bones, pin fixation used for end bones and growth plate breaks and external fixators that are placed in the bones then connected.

It will take approximately 4 to 12 weeks for fractures to heal; younger animals may heal faster than senior pets. Severe soft tissue injuries require a longer rehabilitation period. Pet senior care services include extra precautions when it comes to pet orthopedic surgery or any types of surgery your senior pets may require. However, with the right at home care your animal will be as good as new in no time

Services available in our animal clinic range from preventative care services such as pet vaccinations spay and neuter procedures, pet dental, pet senior care and puppy and kitten care to emergency care and surgical services. Visit our clinic for all of your cat and dog veterinary needs.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today at (305) 945-1223.