North Miami Beach Pet Wellness Program for Every Stage of Life

Arch Creek Animal Clinic is proud to offer pet owners our exclusive pet wellness program, which is designed to keep pets healthy at every stage of their lives. Our proactive approach to pet wellness care reduces the risk for illness and disease while enhancing your pet’s quality of life. Pet wellness care services available at our animal clinic include annual checkups, vaccinations, nutrition counseling, and pet dental care. Whether your pet is a young puppy or a senior cat, these wellness services will help keep your pet healthy and active.

Wellness Care Reduces Risk for Illness, Keeps Pets Healthy and Active

An annual checkup is the foundation for our pet wellness program. We recommend an annual visit to our animal clinic for healthy dogs and cats; senior pets should visit every six months for their checkup. During a wellness checkup, our veterinarian performs a full physical. We conduct a fecal sample screening to check for the presence of parasites. Finally, we will conduct diagnostic blood work. A blood chemistry panel gives our vet an inside “snapshot” of your pet’s overall health. Many pets are experts at hiding their symptoms of disease until an illness reaches a more advanced stage. With a blood chemistry panel, our vet can best detect illnesses or other potential health problems before they compromise your pet’s overall well-being.

During the annual exam, our vet will also check on your pet’s vaccination status. Core vaccines require regular booster shots in order to maintain their effectiveness. After the initial puppy/kitten shot series, your pet will receive a booster shot one year later. Depending on your pet’s wellness needs, we may also recommend additional vaccinations. For example, dogs that frequent boarding or grooming salons should be vaccinated against bordetella, which causes the highly contagious illness kennel cough. If a cat in your household is diagnosed with feline leukemia, vaccinating your other cats will help protect them from contracting this illness.

As part of every comprehensive pet wellness exam at our animal clinic, our veterinarian will also discuss your pet’s diet. The average pet store offers a wide variety of different pet foods, and we understand that it can be challenging to identify which food is best for your pet’s needs. Some pets may also require a special diet due to a food allergy or intolerance. Other pets may benefit from dietary supplements to support joint health and alleviate early-stage arthritis pain. Our vet will make specific nutrition recommendations based on your pet’s wellness needs.

Pet owner education is also part of our pet wellness program. Should you have any questions about your pet’s health or behavior, our North Miami Beach veterinary team is always happy to help. We are proud to be your trusted veterinary partner and are committed to doing everything possible to protect your pet’s health.

Our animal clinic’s proactive pet wellness program is an affordable investment in your pet’s health and can truly add years to your pet’s life! Contact us today at (305) 945-1223 to learn more.