Pet Wellness Plans for Your Cats and Dogs

At Arch Creek Animal Clinic in North Miami Beach, our veterinarian Dr. Williams and his staff believe in caring for your pets and providing them with preventative care and treatment services that promote optimal wellness. Pet wellness plans are essential to helping your pet live a long healthy life. Our wellness plans include puppy and kitten care services such as pet vaccinations, spay and neuter procedures, pet dental and pet senior care.

Wellness plans at our animal hospital include pet senior care, which is just as crucial as puppy and kitten care. Pet senior care consists of services that help your pet live the remainder of their lives in comfort. Dental services, surgical services and pain management services are generally a big part of senior pet wellness plans.

North Miami Beach Veterinarian Promotes Preventative Care and Wellness

Cats and dogs need preventative care early which is where our puppy and kitten care services fit into your wellness program. Pets should be vaccinated young in order to prevent serious illness, infection and disease. Pet vaccinations are an important part of your pet wellness plan. Spay and neuterprocedures are also more effective when performed on younger animals. Cats and dogs that are spayed or neutered early can avoid certain complications such as enlarged prostate, prostate abscess, testicular cancer, uterine infections and breast cancer. This process also helps make your pets less likely to roam.

Some components of comprehensive wellness examinations include a weight assessment, coat and skin evaluation, pet dental exam, pulmonary evaluation, abdominal palpation, neurological and musculoskeletal evaluations. Our veterinarian will conduct these types of thorough examinations on a yearly basis in order to catch any underlying conditions that your pets may develop through the years.

Pet vaccinations in our animal clinic typically consist of “core” vaccines such as rabies, distemper and parvovirus for dogs and panleukopenia, feline viral respiratory disease (FHV/FCV), calicivirus and rabies for cats. Along with the core pet vaccinations, which are generally standard for your pet, our veterinarian may recommend other vaccines depending on environmental factors.

Pet dental care is another area of your pet’s wellness plan that is essential for the health of cats and dogs. Annual dental examinations not only help keep your pet’s teeth healthy, but can assist in keeping their bodies free from infections. When your animal has teeth or gum problems it can affect other parts of the body. Regular brushing at home, dental cleanings and proper care will ensure that your cats and dogs are protected.

Our veterinarian will design a wellness plan that is right for your pet and their individual needs. Our clinic primarily sees cats, dogs and ferrets. Besides puppy and kitten care, preventative services and senior pet care, our animal hospital offers surgical services and emergency care. Visit our animal hospital in North Miami Beach for all of your veterinary care needs.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today at (305) 945-1223.