North Miami Beach veterinary services – delivered with courtesy and respect!

As a new client of our Animal Hospital in North Miami Beach, you can expect our full attention to your pets’ needs.

We know how valuable your time is and appreciate that you have entrusted us with your pets care. Our goal is to provide service in an efficient manner while thoroughly assessing your pets needs and addressing your concerns. In order to make this process seamless we ask that you bring your pets prior medical records from a previous veterinarian. If you do not have the medical records please provide the name of the clinic and/or phone number. We will be happy to locate the information for you. Patients arriving for surgical procedures should be checked into the clinic between 7:00 am-9:00 am. Please do not allow your pet food after midnight the evening before surgery (no breakfast). Water is fine. Please allow yourself adequate time to complete the necessary release forms. Patients being admitted for boarding may arrive anytime during business hours. Again please allow adequate time to complete the release form and go over your pets “needs” with the staff. All patients admitted to the clinic will be assessed by Dr. Williams. If abnormalities are found upon examination you will be contacted with recommendations to resolve them. Some of the more common concerns we receive are ear and skin infections, urinary issues, limping or cruciate ruptures and vomiting/diarrhea. As always if you have any concerns do not hesitate to inform the staff. Once your pets surgery is completed your will receive a call with the outcome and follow up care instructions.